Small hydro power plants (SHPP)

Small hydro power plants (SHPP)

20.01.2017. 19:52 / Projects

Small hydro power plants are power plants which do not have their accumulation, and when operating at nominal power, may be discharged in less than two hours. Small hydro power plants directly uses the kinetic energy of water to run the turbines. This type of hydro power plants is the easiest to produce, but highly dependent on the water flow. This power plants have a little impact on the environment.

List of some completed projects

  • sHPP Pogledala- projecting and reconstruction of measurement system;
  • sHPP Grablje- projecting and reconstruction of measurement system;
  • sHPP Čardak- projecting and building;
  • sHPP Murdhari 1- projecting and building;
  • sHPP Murdhari 2- projecting and building;
  • sHPP Rujevica Ušće- projecting and building;
  • sHPP Oteša- projecting and building;
  • sHPP Duboki potok- projecting and building;
  • sHPP Hrčavka 2- projecting;
  • sHPP Hrčavka 3- projecting;


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