Power Factor Correction (PFC)

Power Factor Correction (PFC)

20.01.2017. 19:39 / Projects

Most electrical devices such as motors, transformers, ballasts, fluorescent lamps takes reactive power from the grid.

Reactive energy oscillates between power plants and consumers. Such energy can not be converted into useful work.
Inductive consumers (for the most part, motors) takes
reactive power from the grid. In households reactive energy dos not charge, but all production facilities has to pay the electrical active and reactive power.

Project reactive energy compensation includes the following elements:

     Automatic detection of reactive power
     Automatic regulation of reactive power
     Switch technic
     Condenzator batteries
     Cable installations

By incorporating reactive power compensation, the account of "spent" reactive energy we can reduce up to 80%.

The cost-effectiveness of investing in reactive power compensation can be seen in the time period of two to four years.

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