Solar Power Plants (SPP)

Solar Power Plants (SPP)

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Photovoltaic power plants (PPP) allow direct conversion of solar energy into electricity, and they are one of the most elegant ways of using solar energy. Photovoltaic system is based on the photovoltaic effect. The basicelectronic elements that takes place in photovoltaic conversion are called solar cells. In practical applications solar cells linked together into larger units, which are called photovoltaic modules. Photovoltaic modules providemechanical strength and protection of solar cell and contacts from corrosion and external influences. In addition toPV modules, PV system consists: converter, battery storage of electricity, charge controller, battery power supply controller, protection devices, the carrier module and necessary wiring.

List of some completed projects

  • SPP Zaćiragić- projecting;
  • SPP Espro- projecting;
  • SPP Alim- projecting;
  • SPP Solar Star- projecting;
  • SPP S&P- projecting;
  • SPP Saraj komerc- projecting;
  • SPP Gradska toplana Livno- projecting;
  • SPP Vedo 1- projecting and construction;


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Wind Power Plants (WPP)

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