Wind Power Plants (WPP)

Wind Power Plants (WPP)

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The Wind Power Plant is located close to a range of wind turbines, usually of the same type, exposed to the samewind and connected through a common relay in the power system. The wind turbine is a rotating machine which converts the kinetic energy of the wind into mechanical first, and then over an electric generator to produce electricity. In doing so, the rotor wind turbine and electric generator rotor are on the same shaft.
List of some completed projects
  • WPP Ivovik-substation 35/6 kV and MV cable outcome;
  • WPP Mučevača, cable outcome;
  • WPP Orlovača, MV cable outcome;
  • WPP Kupres, projecting;
  • WPP Pakline 1, projecting;
  • WPP Pakline 2, projecting;
  • WPP Vlašić, projecting;
  • WPP Galica, projecting;


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Design, construction and reconstruction of substations, low and medium voltage grid and electrical power substations voltage up to 35kV, testing, maintenance and repair of substations and medium voltage equipment up to 35kV.

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Solar Power Plants (SPP)

Photovoltaic power plants (PPP) allow direct conversion of solar energy into electricity, and they are one of the most elegant ways of using solar energy. Photovoltaic system is based on the photovoltaic effect.

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